Airstream Camping in Italy


The Airstream Park is your starting point for visiting Venice and the lagoon, but also for discovering the other highlights of the Veneto region.

Cities like Treviso, Padua and Verona are ideal destinations for a day trip.

For a really special holiday experience and for experiencing the area like a local.

A bike ride towards the lighthouse at Punta Sabbioni, or into the little town of Treporti with its ancient church and two bell towers, or towards Mesole and the ancient hamlet of Lio Piccolo.

On this short trip around the area suspended between land and lagoon, you can discover the agricultural tradition of this peninsula with its vegetable gardens that at one time supplied Venice and still today give life to typical products, or the sea tradition with the fish farms into which the lagoon waters flow, perfect for farming fish and crabs naturally.

To enjoy
an amazing holiday
and to live the region
as a local resident.

Padua is the learned city, with one of the most ancient universities in Europe, where Galileo Galilei taught. The city is a destination for pilgrimages, with its basilica dedicated to St. Anthony, and a place of art and culture with the ancient Scrovegni chapel frescoed by Giotto.

Near Lake Garda you will find Verona, which was Romeo and Juliet’s city, but also an important centre in Roman times, as can be seen by the amphitheatre, still used today for concerts and operas, and the land of excellent food and wine.

Treviso is a small city sitting on the river Sile, with enchanting views of the river, is surrounded by ancient Medieval city walls and it boasts excellent food and wine. The typical Prosecco is to be savoured in one of the many wine bars in the city.